Hi!  My name is Adriano Fariselli and I love all water sports.  I grew up on the beach in Italy and started sailing and windsurfing about the same time I started walking.  If it’s a water sport I have done it!  I have been kitesurfing since the late 1990’s and picked up paddle boarding for those light wind days.  Virtually every day I am out in the water testing new boards out, trying new techniques and upping my game.

Over the years I have ridden hundreds of boards and can easily pick out great gear.  When I am not in the water I build and repair kites, kiteboards, paddle boards and surfboards at BigWaveKiteRepair.com.  I know what goes into quality construction and when a board is worth shelling out the big bucks for and when you should pass.

Not only am I out on the water every day I am living the endless summer life, traveling the world checking out the world’s most amazing beach locations and sharing the stoke.  If you have any suggestions for great places to go or need recommendations on boards hit me up and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Meet you out on the water!