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The website all about paddleboards and where to ride them.  We have been paddle boarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking and any water activity we can think up for decades.  The Traveler Paddler team is currently wandering the globe and looking for the best gear and spots to ride and reporting back to you!

On this site, you will find information to help you decide what gear to buy, detailed destination guides with the best beaches and places to stay and what to pack for your adventure.

We know all this because we are always out looking for the next great board and the next great wave.  We travel extensively and try out all kinds of gear everywhere we go and will keep you updated on the gear we use and adventures we have.



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Best Fishing Paddle Boards for 2018

If you love to fish from a kayak or canoe then stand up paddle fishing is going to blow you away!  Once you get the hang of paddle boarding you will quickly realize that it is an awesome way to fish.  You can get to your favorite fishing spot quickly and check out all the underwater action on your way there due to the height advantage over your kayaking buddies.  Fishing pad [...]

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Three Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for 2018 – All Arounder’s

What is an All Around Inflatable Paddle Board? All Around inflatable paddle boards are a great choice for many paddlers.  They are used in many conditions and by a variety of riders.  They are great for families, friends and traveler's that may be riding a lake one day and the ocean the next. An all around SUP is the best stand up paddle board for beginners.  Being such [...]

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What To Look For When Buying An Inflatable Paddle Board

All About Inflatable SUP's You have considered all your options and decided to give an inflatable paddle board a try!  There are a lot of options out there for you.  Let's review some quality issues before you jump into sizes, shapes, colors and accessories because a bad inflatable paddle board can ruin your day or even cause some safety issues. Most inflatable SUP's [...]

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